I made it!   Every day that i felt like i couldn’t keep going… ive made it this far!  At this point i lay in bed each night and think I cant possibly keep going… the pain is getting far more intense than i expected!  My back and hips think that I am due (or overdue) any day now… and im not even close!   Im more tired now than Ive ever been… pretty sure that being up all night with newborns would be easier than this!



How far along? 28 weeks

Weight Gain? Nothing new this month.

Baby Weight? 2lbs 10oz each

Symptoms? shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, and lots of pain.

Stretch Marks? None yet.

Sleep? Only with medication!

Movement? big time ninja kicks in the ribs!

Milestones: Second viability milestone!!

What I miss: Belly sleeping!!!!  Thats it… 🙂

Food cravings? None

Food aversions? No fish at all.  Chicken is ok if its not by itself.  Im a red meat eater for now!

Labor signs? Braxton hicks and lightening crotch. Thats all!

Belly button in or out? it popped… *sigh*

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