37 weeks… WHAT??

How did i make it this far? They said I wouldnt make it this far..ahhh

37 long weeks.  Nothing new to report.  Boys are head down now…. about 7lbs each *lets hope the ultrasound is wrong* and about 2cm dilated for a week now.   Still just waiting and waiting… COME ON BABIES!! 



34 weeks!




These cute little toots finally showed their faces yesterday 🙂  Look at those cheeks on Baby B!  Ahh i cant wait for him to come so i can kiss them 🙂   As soon as we saw Baby A’s face on 3D my first reaction was “omg he looks like Veyda”.  Which is exciting, that means he looks like Daddy!

Drs appt went well.  Ive gained 5 lbs this time, which is nice since i hadnt gained anything in a while.  From now on, labor wont be stopped..eek!   Baby A is head down so having a vaginal birth is back in the game plan, if i choose.  So now i get to weigh the options… 

The boys weighed in at 4.13 and 5.3 and look great.  Baby B has always been a little bigger than his brother, but thats ok.  Its all those cheeks 🙂

Csection/Induction is scheduled for 29 days from now… hard to believe I only have 4 weeks left… or less!  I hope they decide to come on their own before then, as long as they are ready.   Im still working, still driving, still miserable!   My skin feels like its sunburned and parts of it have lost feeling.  Baby kicks are at an insane rate, all the apps tell you it will get less because they run out of room, so far NO.

32 Weeks



Wow can this pregnancy go any slower? I mean REALLY.
Got some news last week… babies are both breech so a c section has been scheduled. Im pretty upset about the idea, but also of course willing to get the twins here as safely as possible. August 22nd is the tentative date, ill be 38+2 weeks….aka 44 days.

Sleeping has gotten practically impossible.  Laying down hurts and i cant breathe, sitting up causes contractions and BH…plus it makes the babies start going nuts.  My belly doesn’t seem to be growing much, which sucks cause they ran out of room a while ago, and i need my belly to make more room for them!

At 31 weeks they were measuring 3.8 and 3.12lbs… EEK.   Sounds so tiny, but when combined, sounds so big!

At this point i feel very done.  I hope to look back at this in the coming weeks and laugh knowing i made it.

30 Weeks!


I feel like this was my goal all along.. if I could just get to 30 weeks then its all a downhill slide after this!  I know being born this early still means issues and NICU time, but for some reason it was just some relief to get her.  Now of course i feel like a time bomb that could go off any second!  Lord knows i never have kids early, but with twins, there is always a WHAT IF??

The babies are around 3lbs each and it literally feels like I can feel them growing by the second! According to the apps, they are gaining 1/2 a pound each week.. aka ONE POUND total, each week, that I will have in my belly.  Ive been saying ouch for weeks, but now its DOUBLE ouch!.   









I made it!   Every day that i felt like i couldn’t keep going… ive made it this far!  At this point i lay in bed each night and think I cant possibly keep going… the pain is getting far more intense than i expected!  My back and hips think that I am due (or overdue) any day now… and im not even close!   Im more tired now than Ive ever been… pretty sure that being up all night with newborns would be easier than this!



How far along? 28 weeks

Weight Gain? Nothing new this month.

Baby Weight? 2lbs 10oz each

Symptoms? shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, and lots of pain.

Stretch Marks? None yet.

Sleep? Only with medication!

Movement? big time ninja kicks in the ribs!

Milestones: Second viability milestone!!

What I miss: Belly sleeping!!!!  Thats it… 🙂

Food cravings? None

Food aversions? No fish at all.  Chicken is ok if its not by itself.  Im a red meat eater for now!

Labor signs? Braxton hicks and lightening crotch. Thats all!

Belly button in or out? it popped… *sigh*